Seviche and starters
Salmon seviche with avocado 450
Dorado seviche in rocoto pepper sauce 450
Tomato seviche with spicy bouillon 290
Hee from carp 350
Sea bass sashimi with miso sauce 390
Yellowtail sashimi sa with wasabi 390
Dorado sashimi with cucumber salsa 390
Salmon sashimi with truffle and cress salad 450
Scallop tartar with coconut sauce 390
Beef tartar with marinated spinach stems 390
Tataki from beef with kohlrabi in spicy sauce 390
Hot cucumbers 220
Green beans and spinach leaves in sesame sauce 290
Vegetable salad with sweet chili and cashew 250
Pelmeni and bao
Dim sam with smoked bacon and shrimp 390
Dim sam with bull tails 390
Dim sam with crab and scallop 450
Bao with beef tongue 390
Noodles and soup
Spice soup with pork belly 350
Shrimps bisque with lime 450
Wheat noodles with crab 450
Buckwheat noodles with beef 450
Wheat noodles with vegetables and spicy chili 450
Poke and tako
Fried spring roll with tails and talegio 320
Taco with eel cucumber and cream cheese 320
Taco with pork belly 320
Taco with yellowfin tuna 320
Poke with tuna and pickled vegetables 390
Poke with salmon and avocado salsa 390
Poke with pickled peppers and vegetables 350
Meat and fish
Tongue in black bean sauce 450
Beef in a wok with black pepper 550
Veal cheek with smoked potato mousse 450
Duck breast with sweet potato and ginger sauce 450
Cod with dutch miso sauce and yuzu 450
Marinated eel with bulgur 450
Vegatables and seafood
Fried tofu with red beans 350
Eggplant in hoisin sauce with yogurt 350
Sweet potato tempura with cheese sauce 290
Shrimp tempura with wasabi 490
Scallops with corn cream with coconut and kafir lime 490
Soft crab in tempura in sweetly sour sauce 590
Bao with mascarpone and caramel 250
Lemon cream with coconut 250
Melon soup with yuzu 250
Honey biscuit with rosemary cream 250
Espresso / Duo 100 / 150
Americano 100
Cappuccinо 160
Assam 220
Sencha 220
Green tea with mango 220
Darjeeling 220
Ginger Herbal 220
Lemon / Rosemary / Anchan 490
Apple / pineapple / maple 490
Cucumber / orange / lime 490
Passion fruit / orange / ginger 490